Polycarbonate Lexan

Polycarbonate is commonly known as Lexan™, and the sheets (PC) are impact/chip resistant and have excellent strength and durability.  Heat forming and cold bending of clear and colored Polycarbonate Lexan sheets is possible as well, making endless fabrication possibilities available. Lexan™ is a brand name for polycarbonate sheets and resin in a wide range grades.

Polycarbonate Lexan is virtually unbreakable it is 30 times more resistant than glass. It is bulletproof when thick enough and ballistics grade. Polycarbonate can be treated for use in UV light for superior exterior durability. Polycarbonate is the product of choice for greenhouses and outdoor structures where high strength and resistance to impact is required. (Hail for an example). It has a lower scratch resistance and a higher impact resistance than acrylic. Polycarbonate is easier to cut and less likely to break than acrylic.

The Science behind Polycarbonate Lexan ™ Sheets

Polycarbonates were first discovered in 1898 by a German scientist who researched the material for over 30 years but never commercialized the product. In 1955 both Bayer and GE filed for U.S. patents. It was agreed upon that Bayer would trade under the commercial product name Makrolon and GE would begin production under the name LEXAN™. Polycarbonates received their name because they are polymers containing carbonate groups (−O−(C=O) −O−). Polycarbonate has a glass transition temperature of about 147 °C (297 °F), it softens gradually above this point and flows above around 155 °C (311 °F) Tools must be held at high temperatures, generally above 80 °C (176 °F) to make strain-free and stress-free products.

Applications for Polycarbonate Sheets

Construction Material

Data Storage

Automotive, aircraft and security components

Eye protection

Cell Phones

Polycarbonate Availability at Future Plastics

Thicknesses available at Future Plastics are .080” to ½”

Clear in stock, smoked available upon request

Various thicknesses of Polycarbonate Lexan corrugated and ribbed available for sun room and gazebo replacement panels.

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