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 Please note: This information is for reference only. We only sell full sheets 4’x8′, and they can be cut to your required size. A $150.00 minimum charge  

• Acrylic (Plexiglas or Chemcast)

This Acrylic is available in a full range of thicknesses, clear, colors and tints. Applications for noise barriers, point-of-sale items, display covers, food-contact applications, custom design, mechanical covers for electric appliances, acrylic novelties, weather-shield, and aquariums just to name a few.

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• Polycarbonate (Lexan) UV Protected

This Polycarbonate (Lexan) material is available in a full range of thicknesses, clear, colors, and tints. Polycarbonate is impact resistance which makes it ideal for the building, marine, security, and transport industries. Polycarbonate is also suitable for, windows, partitions, safety guards, sneeze guards and screens.

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PETG material is available in a full range of thicknesses; it is break-resistant and has impact strength at low temperatures. PETG is an excellent application for point-of-sale items, where all of the benefits of acrylic or polycarbonate, are not required.

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• Sintra

Sintra is an expanded closed-cell PVC foam sheet-like poster board and PVC mixed together.  Sintra is a lightweight material with a wide range of color choices, used in the sign industry where lightweight plastic is needed.

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HDPE has properties that make it useful for a wide range of applications. It is non-toxic and non-staining which makes it ideal for use with foodstuffs.

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• Puck Board

Puck Board is impact and chemical resistant. It can withstand cold weather climates and resists moisture. It is designed for a variety of applications such as water tanks, chute lining and wood replacements.

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• Colorplast

 Coroplast® is a brand name for corrugated plastic and a registered trademark of Coroplast LLC. Coroplast® is a colorfast, lightweight hollow structure, non-toxic, waterproof plastic. It is ideal for indoor/outdoor advertising signage and billboards.

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