Sintra PVC

Sintra is an expanded closed cell PVC foam sheet like poster board and PVC mixed together.  It is paintable using PVC compatible paints like vinyl’s acrylic lacquers and two component polyurethanes. It can be sanded for smooth edges after it has been cut. The foam sheet does expand and contract with temperature changes. It is less impact resistant in cold weather although it is rain, wind and sunlight resistant.

Sintra is a thermoplastic that can be heated to soften around 65°C, then bent or formed into various shapes very easily.  It can be softened and shaped by immersing in boiling water or with a standard heat gun. Once the material cools it retains the shape. At half the weight of solid PVC, Sintra may be stapled, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed

Applications for PVC

Sintra has a number of applications one of the most popular is homemade costumes. It is also found in the advertising industry for screen printing, signage, exhibits, displays and photo mounting.

The Science behind PVC Sheets

The PVC foam sheet is a lightweight yet rigid high density polyvinyl chloride sheet. Sintra is half the weight of solid PVC in gauges of 1-6mm. (0.700g/cm3) it is slightly over 1/3 the weight of solid PVC in 10, 13, &19mm gauges. (0.500g/cm3). It is made of an interpenetrating polymer network between PVC and Polyurea. Polyvinyl chloride and Polyurea are mixed together then put into a mold to make the foam boards. It is then put into a large press and heated. The material is then put in a hot bath in order to expand to a final density and is cured.

Sintra is a self-extinguishing material and will not continue to burn after the flame source is removed. All gauges of the PVC pass the criteria of UL 94V-0, and UL 94-5V. These are industry standard fire tests.

 PVC Availability at Future Plastics

 Sintra is available in a wide range of colors.  We typically stock White, Red and Black.

Pricing and availability upon request